General Tournament Rules and Etiquette

The Brisbane Pinball and Arcade Collective exists to bring pinball and classic gaming to the community and help others share in the joy we all find in this hobby and sport. We want everyone to have fun, in a safe and welcoming environment at all of our tournaments and events.

With that in mind, any players in violation of the rules and regulations set out below will be issued a formal warning from a Tournament Official in the form of a yellow card. Any further violations will result in the competitor being issued a red card and disqualification from the tournament. Arguing with or abusing an official as a result of a warning or disqualification being issued may result in the player being banned from the premises for the remainder of the event.

There will be a zero-tolerance policy on profanity and aggressive, disruptive, or inappropriate behaviour. These include but are not limited to aggressive behaviour towards other competitors, officials, or machines; outbursts – especially those involving profanity; and homophobic, racist, or sexist language.

Any ruling made by a Tournament Official is final. Arguing a ruling once it has been made may result in the immediate loss of the game in question, a yellow or red card in accordance with the rules set out above, disqualification from the tournament, or ejection from the building. These decision(s) will be made by tournament officials as they see fit.

During all tournaments there will be ‘No-Go Zones’ marked around each machine. These are not to be entered except by the player currently on the machine, or a Tournament Official or machine tech making a ruling or assessing and repairing an issue with a machine.

Any players deemed to be excessively distracting to a competitor or inhibiting a competitor’s ability to compete – whether purposefully or accidentally – may be issued with an informal or formal warning at the discretion of Tournament Officials.